"Katherine Whitley has spent a lifetime escorting people on trips around the world and has encountered many exciting adventures from climbing Mt Everest to Tribal encounters in Timbuktu.  She shares them all in this fascinating book.  Katherine writes like a female Ernest Hemingway and its the best book about a life of travel since "Eat Pray Love"."

Roger Dawson

 "Secrets of Power Negotiating" and "13 Secrets of Power Performance"


Take a tour from the cold and majestic Mount Everest to Beijing, Rio, Kathmandu and Kenya in Camels to Caviar. It is a beautiful memoir that vividly portrays the author’s 30-year career in tour directing.

In this book, she shares her many trips from the 1970s onwards. Readers will follow her on planes jetting across the world to India, Asia, South America, and the South Pacific. Later, she conquered China, Africa and Europe. It is a job that changed her life forever – a career that introduced her to the diversity of the world through her experiences, adventures and acquaintances. This is an exciting book that will take readers on a unique odyssey that is filled with chills, thrills, lessons, and left enduring memories suffused with delight and charm.

Inspiring, very fascinating, and absolutely exhilarating, Camels to Caviar is an interesting and charming read that will absorb readers from start to finish.




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